Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Disappointment, frustration, and resentment - these are everyday emotions which can often be challenges to our emaan, sabr, and shukr without even realizing it.
Some of us can be great at recognizing bigger fitan in our lives and turning to Allah during those times, but falter when it comes to the small everyday experiences with those emotions.
Unfairness can grate on our nerves and trip us up when it comes to being patient or controlling our frustrations and remembering the right ad'iyah and reminders of patience in the moment... just when it's most important for us to be conscious of the need to wrestle with our wounded egos and actively ask Allah to improve our inner states.
It is these every day tests that can be most difficult for us to pass - even as we hit 'like' and 'share' on spiritual Facebook posts and lectures, even as we pat ourselves on the backs for being good religious Muslims, we're still shooting ourselves in the foot when we allow our nafs free reign to sulk and complain.
Thankfully, Allah is always the Most Forgiving and Merciful, and even if we've already sabotaged ourselves a hundred times this week, He is ever ready to accept our tawbah, no matter how sheepish or embarrassed or still upset we may be feeling.
Just as our small, everyday failings can pull us down spiritually, so too can our small, everyday victories - whether it is reciting dhikr in a moment of agitation or swallowing one's perfectly valid ire - cause us to rise and succeed far more than we may ever realize.

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