Thursday, April 03, 2008

A Different Kind of Housewife

Chopping up peppers, nodding in agreement with the sheikh on her laptop, and debating her mother on men’s degree of responsibility over women vs. women’s wisdom and instincts as the subject of her research paper… she is truly a very different kind of housewife.


Zahra said...

MashaAllah then don't call yourself housewife! Call yourself:

Has a passion for the Deen
Like totally, you know what I mean
Won't sacrifice nuttin' for da akhira
But still gonna stay sweet and chillaxica.. :)

(p.s. LOL for my randomosity! may Allah (swt) be pleased with you in whatever role you do, ameen!)

AnonyMouse said...

LOL, I love it! :P

Oh, and I refuse to ever call myself a housewife... I think I'll settle on "Student of Life" even if I never make it to "Student of Knowledge" (but insha'Allah I WILL make it!).

Ameen, thumma ameen! :)

Reem said...

ur hubby is a shaikh?! mashAllah.. is he a well known shaikh? if yes, may i ask, what's his name :)??

AnonyMouse said...

lol... no, he's not... not yet, anyway! :P
Insha'Allah one day he will be :)