Saturday, March 10, 2007

I’m Moving!

I was going to title this post ‘fond farewells’, but I realized that it’s not a farewell at all… okay, you’re probably wondering what’s going on, so I’ll cut to the crux of the matter.

Here’s the deal: brother Amad of Musings of a Muslim Mind came up with the idea for a group blog, composed and maintained by several fellow Muslim bloggers – myself; sister Ruth Nasrullah from The Straight Path; brother Omar from Lota Enterprises; a newbie blogger, brother Ahmad alFarsi; and, of course, brother Amad himself.

In addition to we 5 who form the editorial staff, guest writers will include Sheikh Yasir Qadhi from al-Maghrib Institute and Sheikh Tawfique Chaudhury from al-Kawthar Academy (amongst others).

Cool, huh?!

Anyway, our new blog is at - Discourses in the Intellectual Traditions, Political Situation, and Social Ethics of Muslim Life.
(Don’t you just love the long title? :P)

So, what does this all mean?

Well, it means that from now on, I’ll be posting over at MuslimMatters instead of my little mousehole here… and while I’m going to miss this place (especially the still-new template and my little Muslim mousey pic!) I’ll still be around. I’m not quite sure whether I’m going to totally abandon my cozy corner here – I might post little things such as bits of creative writing, art, and anything else that strikes my fancy but doesn’t quite fit on MuslimMatters – so check up every once in a while, insha’Allah.

So… yeah. Please go over to MuslimMatters, read the welcome message (as soon as I write and post it, that is!), and check out our other posts! And, of course, please do leave comments!

Before I finally go from here, I’d like to borrow a page from brother Amad’s book and ask you all to please just leave a general review of me and my blog… while reading my musings and mutterings, what sort of impression did you have of me? What do my strong suits seem to be, and what are my failings and weaknesses, the stuff that I ought to improve upon?

I’d just like to say how wonderful it’s been to run this blog… it’s only been up for a few months, really – since July/August… but though it started off pretty slowly I managed to round myself up a few regular readers – al-Hamdulillaah! :)

And so now I shall betake myself off… to write the welcome message and then terrorize my little brother into thinking that he’s got the chickenpox too! :P :D

Your little sister in Islam,



acwo said...

Nice blog, I like it :)
keep it up

Anonymous said...

Good decision. Even though personal blogs are cozy, groups generally pick up more readers and things don't get scattered.

(Why I'm not moving into one, then? Well, I am not very sure.)

Anyway, we also are taking an initiative which is (Was) being discussed here:

Now to give feedback to you:

I like your musings, as should be evident from the fact that I come here often.
If you are asking for a suggestion, I will say never ever make posts too long. If it has to be, then break it up into two posts.

May Allah be your guide and your move prove fruitful for you, and the Ummah.

Amad said...

Manas, Salam from one shaikh to another (shaikh as in last name).

Are you in India or are you an Indian in America?

Our goal on the new blog would be to continue looking into expansion of the opinion base, inshallah. Your blog and comments have been usually interesting. I believe we are missing the "Indian connection" on our blog, so if you are interested, pls shoot me an email amad at carsreloaded dot com for when and if we expand.

Isha' said...

That was very kind of you Amad. I shall think about it. It's a tempting offer! :)

I shall be called an indian even without Columbus. :) I am not a native american.

Anonymous said...

Whoops, Isha' is Manas Shaikh, by the way. :)

Inspired said...

asalamu alaikum

wow! mashaAllah I'm really looking forward to the new blog with y'all. Did you say Yasir Qadhi as a guest writer? Am I dreaming?

okay inshaAllah more from me I start breathing properly.

Amad said...

Sr. Muslimah, you are not dreaming... and inshallah we may add even more 'big' Muslim names as we grow.

Pls do add muslimmatters to your blogroll, and pls dont be a stranger to the new blog with your comments.

Inspired said...

okay breathing

I've added it on blogroll :) looking forward to some good reads.