Wednesday, December 20, 2006


My grandpa's okay! He's home again, too!!!!!!!!!! AL-HAMDULILLAAH!!!!!

He came home today... even though he had a really rought day yesterday - the doctors were worried he might even die - but AL-HAMDULILLAAH he got better really quickly and they sent him home this evening... subhan'Allah, wal-Hamdulillaah, w'Allahu akbar!!!!!!!

I'm so happy... al-Hamdulillaah... he's not 100% better, but it's a LOT better than being dead! Allahu akbar...

All right, I'm off to go pray 'Ishaa and thank Allah over and over again for His amazing blessings and gifts... Allahu akbar!!!!!

Your deliriously happy little sister in Islam,


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

This is great news;;may Allah grant your grandfather good health, and bring comfort to your whole family insha-Allah.

How come this anonymous guy is still allowed to post comments? Poor guy probably spends his whole life posting stupid anonymous comments on blogs, cowardly hiding behind his cloak of anonymity. What a shameful existence.

Anonymous said...

Salaams sis,

Alhamdulillahi rabbil 'alameen!

Wonderful news sis.

Allah is giving your gramps a chance to experience the best ten days of the year, inshallah!


Shusma said...

Wonderful news, Mousey!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

As salaamu alaikum wa rahmatuAllahi wa barakatuh :)

Masha Allah sister Mouse! this is excellent news.
Also, I've been having a lot of tests this week (and will have some tomorrow) but it proves that patience is the key! (since i have 2 weeks off after that alhamdulillah :D)

take care

your sis


Anonymous said...

alhamdulillah! May Allah grant him health.

Anonymous said...

You can't shut me up that easily mousey, this ain't a muslim country where you can shut up the Kafr. Well, for a while, you savages are actually convincing some brain-dead pols to let you have your barbaric sharia.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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samshki said...

ya salaam!
Sorry I haven't posted in absolute yonkers, Good news on your grandfather and may he recover to full health inshaAllah sis

DA said...

Al-hamdidullah! Here's hope that allah grants him a speedy recovery.

Yeah, anonymous, you're a real credit to the kafirun; you know, talking shit to a teenage girl who's celebrating her grandpa's recovery? Total class.

Anyway, whether or not I could shut you up through violence is debatable. Want to to try meting me sometime, just two guys, four fists, a vacant lot somewhere? I'm guessing no; I'm guessing you're like every loudmouthed internet coward.

Anonymous said...

Uhm Da (oh darn did I just accientally say an islamic curse or praise) I accept your challenge. Name the place and time.

DA said...

Flagstaff, AZ, January 20, 3 p.m.

We can meet in public and head somewhere from there.

I'm sure you'll really come, too. Fag.

AnonyMouse said...

I hope you know what a moron you sound like. You may rest knowing that quite frankly, I don't give a damn about what you have to say (pardon my language, everyone...). But you ARE annoying me. This may not be a Muslim country, but it IS my blog, and I DO have comment-deleting powers. Yay for comment-deleting powers! :P

I actually feel sorry for you, you know that? You *really* must not have a life, to be spending your time trolling the blog of a teenage Muslimah...
Although I see that you have a thing for ancient Greek mythology... which is sorta cool, 'cuz I used to be into it, too. I used to loooove ancient Egyptian and ancient Greek/Roman mythology... read everything I could about them... There's some really good fiction that uses the 'gods and goddesses' (so-called, anyway) as characters - have you read "All's Fair in Love and War", by Alicia Fields? It's nice... although it's more chic lit, so you might not like that sort of thing.

Awwwwwwwwww!! How sweet... :P :D
Heehee, this reminds me of 'the olden days', when if a moron (like anonymous) challenged a lady's honour, her champion would beat the stuffing out of him... :D

Everyone else:
May Allah reward you all, and grant you the best of this world and the Hereafter! In these most blessed and excellent days of Hajj, please make extra du'aa for all of us (especially my grandpa!).

Anonymous said...

this reminds me of 'the olden days', when if a moron (like anonymous) challenged a lady's honour, her champion would beat the stuffing out of him... :D

Yeah, where are all the MEN at?

Then again, my father has a bit of a temper and it is soooo embarassing when he goes off on one in public!

So i should really say "Where are all the level-headed men, who also know how to defend a ladies honour, at?".

Women - we're not TOO fussy or anything, hehe.

Anonymous said...


I'll be there, since I live near the area and relish the idea of beating on a Muzzie. But, I want to give fair warning: no weapons, no "seconds", no ambushes; just two men, fists, feet, head, etc. I know how you muzzies fight and the only way you people can win is by outright cheating which you enjoy (hell it's mandated by your syphillitic prophet). Follow these rules and I will be a gentleman and show mercy; do not and I will not.

AnonyMouse said...

Anonymous, you do make me laugh... :D

Anonymous said...

Can everyone please not hype this up and use some common sense?

Muslimahs, please do not make this an honor thing otherwise you don't leave the guy any choice but to defend it.

Anonymous, it's pretty obvious that you don't like Muslims. Why don't you live and let live?

Da man, fighting won't get us anywhere. When you beat him up, it will make him only more resolute to pick on more Muslims so the problem is not solved.

Mouse, please for your own sake, turn off anonymous comments completely because some people don't deserve such previleges.

Anonymous said...


I'm perfectly willing to live and let live, but muslims aren't. Whether it be the September 11th attacks, Bali, the cartoon riots, Theo Van Gogh, etc ad naseum Muslims have proven themselves to be a bigoted and intolerant religion that cannot live with non-muslims; heck the orders from "God" to not live peacefully with us is in the Koran.

And, I'd surely kick Da's ass; in fact, he'd probably run off if he saw me. Think of a pudgier Vin Diesel with hair and you have what I look like.

DA said...

Picture a fat red-bearded dutch guy with a lazy eye. That's me. Makes no difference, I'll still whup your ass. I love when people claim to look like Vin Deisel online, you pretty much KNOW they're lying right off the bat.

Let your actions back up your words. I'll be happy to meet you but I'm sure you have some excuse as to why you can't. Bitch.

CS: I have no interest in making nazis love us. Maybe if someone broke his jaw, he'd quit acting like a punk. My guess is though, he keeps quiet in the real world. My guess is he's a keyboard warrior.

AnonyMouse said...


All righty, that's it... no more anonymous comments...

Anonymous said...

Alhamdulillah for your grandfather. May Allah heal him and give him many years to come, Insha'Allah. He is a lucky grandfather to have a granddaughter who loves him as much as you do. Take care.........

Taysiir said...

I dont know if you believe in this saying, wishing for someone death only makes them live longer -..-, but its quite ... uh ... true to say the least.

Really happy your gramps is well now, take care.

Islamic Notebook said...

Alhamdulillah for his quick recovery.

Molly said...

Mouse, I am very happy to hear of his recovery and your happiness.

The Intolerant One said...


Thanks for popping by the site. I hope it is taken in the well meant intention when I wish you a Merry Christmas.

I am glad to hear the good news of your father. It is defenitley something to rejoice in.

As far as your "anonymous" problem is concerened i think your friend Da has made an accurate assesment. He (or maybe she LOL) is just a computer warrior.

Whenever soemone has to write in anonimity and then "describe" themselves (Vin Diesel, yeah right LOLOL)is a pretty clear indication that one could simply fart and blow this person into the next state.

Pay "it" no mind.


When your done with "wonder boy" send him up here for a good ole' Canadian thumping!! Me and the boyz in my mortocycle club will make him stick his tongue to a frozen pole and watch him cry like little girl.

muslimah4life said...

dang i missed all those deleted comments =(
everyones running to the rescue of princess mouse
anyways who cares about waz his face anonymus says... just ignore him.. all he/she/it wants is attention anyways

Safa said...

Good for you getting rid of anonymous comments....I originally came in here to say I'm so happy ur Giddoo is home....and then was reading this huge fight...and almost forgot!

Enjoy this time...and ask him about his childhood and all those things you wanted to know...

AnonyMouse said...

ROFL, I'm finding all this rather amusing... :D

TIO, no offence taken at all to the 'Merry Christmas'... :)
lol, DA is a guy...
Hahaha, your comment about 'a good ol' Canadian thumping' reminded me of someone my dad knows, a former motorcycle gang member who converted to Islam a year ago and is now the sweetest guy you could imagine, lol... :P

DA said...


Yeah, haven't heard from the guy, and my email is on my profile, so I doubt he was serious :-) All that "pistols at dawn" bullshit only further convinced me the guy was talking trash.

Merry Christmas to you and yours, ese.

Eid Mubarak to everyone else.

Anonymous said...

Picture a fat red-bearded dutch guy with a lazy eye. That's me.

Da, for some reason i now imagine you as a pirate!

Anonymous said...


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